New Form Builder Launch - 5/23/2022

We're excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Form Builder which should be visible starting the week of May 23. You should now be able to build customizable forms for different purposes (like Renewal, Donation, Prospect and any other General purpose).


Why?: Earlier, building complex forms would have required the expertise of our Web Team and you would've lost time in the back-and-forth communication with them. It would have also required you to spend your valuable time on the Desktop version to accept submissions manually. The new Form Builder is Multifunctional which allows you to build forms that are Flexible, Complex and Automated making it easy for you to build Customizable forms. 


What can you do with the New Form Builder?

  • Form Types: You can now pick and create from Multiple Form Types. Any form you pick will load a default template that'll give you a head start. You can also copy a form to edit and create new forms.
  • Login and Profile Creation: You can set the form up to require login and if it isn't, you can choose to automatically create a Profile upon submission.
  • Link Submissions/Invoice: Link the Invoices or Submissions to the Profile or the Related Organization Profile.
  • Automatic Recurring Billing: Lets the users subscribe to ARB for recurring donations/payments.
  • Individual and Organization Elements: Configure the form to collect both the Individual as well as the Organizational information on the same form.
  • Pricing Calculations: Set the form to collect dues based on complex Pricing calculations.
  • Open Field Entry: Use Text-box fields, Drop-downs and Checkboxes to collect data on the form.

We've had plenty of Beta customers who have tested this new feature to make sure this works as intended while also providing feedback on improvements. We've created documentation that will help you learn about this new feature addition (Donation Form, Prospect Form, General Form and Renewal Form).


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