7/28/2022 Interruptions in access to MC Trade


For updates on the AWS outage status please see https://health.aws.amazon.com/health/status 


3:15pm Eastern 7/28/2022: MCT services appear to be restored. 

2:25pm Eastern 7/28/2022: AWS has reported the "vast majority" of services are now healthy. Most (if not all) customers should now have access to MC Trade and it's services again. However, AWS has not reported that they have completely solved the issue, so we will continue to update this article has we have more information.


1:25pm Eastern 7/28/2022: AWS confirms that the data center power has been restored and expects connectivity to be restored for clients within about an hour. 


Due to an outage at a data center for Amazon Web Services, a number of clients are unable to access MC Trade services as of about 1pm Eastern on 7/28/2022. 

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