Release Notes 23.4 - 2/22/23

As part of our commitment to your success, we're happy to announce several improvements to MC Trade to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. We will roll out these changes to all customers on February 22, 2023.

Edit directly from the Profile Selector

One of the key pieces of feedback we've received on the most common workflows in the browser (editing profile data) is that there are too many clicks to get to each individual profile edit screen. To try to make this easier for you, we've added a "quick action" in a lefthand column in the Profile Selector results to pop open an edit window for that profile: 


When you click the Edit icon, a window will open with all of the usual tabs and fields you would see if you opened that profile and then hit Edit Profile. When you make your changes, then hit Save and Close, you'll be returned right back to that result set, even on the same page if you've clicked through many results. 


Stay tuned for more improvements to the Profile Selector and other searching and reporting options in the browser later this year!


This release also includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Added expanded capabilities to the Renewal Form pricing calculation to allow multiple custom fields to be calculated against one or multiple formulas
  • Added a new check to Renewal Forms to require selection of a Membership Level IF there is a Membership Level dropdown on the form. 
  • Fixed an issue where multiple "Rebalance" Related Revenue Items resulted in incorrect new line items and missing adjustments, both in the Member Portal as well as in the back office MC Trade admin interface.
  • Fixed an issue in which Payment History in the Member Portal displayed unadjusted line item and payment amounts
  • Fixed an issue with PayPal payments on Donation/General/Renewal Forms, which caused issues when the "Country" field was not properly filled in. Country is no longer required for PayPal processing (unless required by the gateway). 
  • MailChimp Sync issues resolved:
    • Fixed an issue in which full "Unsubscribe" actions in MailChimp did not set the "Do Not Email" flag in the MC Trade data
    • Fixed an issue in which Affiliation Codes were removed from profiles when removed from tags in MailChimp. Moving forward the Affiliation Codes in MC Trade remain the source of truth for tags, and only full unsubscribes (mentioned above) will result in writing back to MC Trade to set the Do Not Email flag. Affiliation Codes will never be removed via the sync.
    • Fixed an issue in which Contact records were not immediately created from MailChimp campains. Moving forward, subsequent syncs will recheck MailChimp for up to one week to record past Contacts, to ensure final data has been provided through the MailChimp request.
  • BETA Directory updates:
    • Added a configuration option to "Require Authentication," which will prompt users to log in prior to viewing any directory pages
    • Optimize "Photos" section on new directory to hide if no photos are uploaded and properly display the sections around it
    • Added the ability to clear out category and keyword searches on the Search screen
    • Alphabetized category dropdown
    • Added Setting Batch configuration to the BETA Directory Settings screen, allowing users to edit separate sets of Directory Settings for separate existing setting batches and/or entities
  • Fixed an issue in the Manage Web Content page in which Content Type was not displayed even when assigned
  • Prevent any "Membership Information" from being changed on a non-member profile, which was resulting in invalid data on membership reports and searches
  • Framework upgrades for security optimization
  • Performance improvements to address recent slow response times during peak periods
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