Using the Online Bill Pay Portal Sharing Links if you have Multiple Website Domains

If your organization uses multiple website domains inside your MC Trade system, you will need to modify the links that the system provides in order to share them effectively with profiles who would like to log in. If you don't modify the links that come from the sharing tools, your profiles will receive website addresses that aren't specific to the various domains and design templates for each entity. Therefore, to ensure that the profiles have a branded experience that matches the website theme of your domain, make sure you follow the process below when creating and sharing portal links. 

Note: This process is also necessary for other links that use Branding Settings:

  • Viewing a Particular Join Form
  • Linking to a specific Event Registration Page
  1. Generate the Link by clicking the “Share Link to Online Bill Pay”.


The following window will appear


  1. Press the Copy URL link to copy the text of the URL in your clipboard


  1. In a separate document or email, Paste the URL in a place where you can modify the url. For example: Trade/portal/open-invoices?profileGuid=8680ce23-beff-62da-6228-046108fe413b

  1. The RED area is the part that will need to be updated to reference the Web Domain you want to utilize. Here is an example: Trade/portal/open-invoices?profileGuid=8680ce23-beff-62da-6228-046108fe413b

  1. Once this change has been made, this link can be shared with the profile in question.
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