Release Notes 21.18 - 11/5/2021

As part of our commitment to your success, we’re happy to announce several improvements to MC Trade to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. We will roll out these changes to all customers by November 5, 2021.

Join Form Affiliation Codes

We've added a new setting to Join Forms that allows you to choose one or more affiliation codes that can be added to a new member automatically when that profile submits the form. This allows you to more easily track the source of your joins in the method of your choosing, automatically add members to groups that may fall outside of the Membership Level affiliation codes based on the form they submit, or simply add membership-related affiliations that you may have been adding manually after the new join. 


To add the affiliation(s), click Form Settings on any new or existing form and start typing in the name of the code. A dropdown list will appear, and you can select the affiliation code you want to assign to the form. Once you click Done on the settings and SAVE the form, any further submissions will have this affiliation applied to the member profiles when created. 

New Event Submission Form

Last month we added Community Event approval to the browser application, for you to approve and convert over events submitted through your online Submit an Event form. With this release, we're launching the new public-facing form for customers who have launched the new Member Portal. If you've enabled the new portal, you'll see also the new, clean and mobile-friendly event submission form that uses your custom Branding Settings and navigation. Don't forget to check out Events > Community Event Submissions in MC Trade as well, for new settings for the form including requiring login or setting event types. NOTE: if you have switched to the new portal but have not yet set up your Community Event Settings, and you'd like to restrict your Community Event form to only allow members to submit, be sure to update this setting under Events > Community Event Submissions in the browser. 

This release also includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Removed restrictions to web content edited in the browser that strips iFrame content, to allow iFrames to be used moving forward
  • Fixed an issue with Batch Drop Member settings not using the correct entity setting batch
  • Added support for decimals/cents in browser billing records and revenue items
  • Updated new member portal approve "deleted" employees through the Profile Change Requests holding tank, notifying the admin and allowing you to allow the relationship to change to Former (or reject the request)
  • Added ID numbers for reference to Affiliation Codes, Affiliation Types, and Web Content Types in the browser
  • Fixed an issue adding new profiles in the new portal when choosing to "Save and Continue Editing"
  • Updated the public Community Event Submission form to use the new branding format and submission page if the new portal is enabled
  • Added support for browsers to automatically hyperlink website values in Custom Fields when viewing a profile 
  • Fixed the "View more..." link in the new member portal for members with more than 10 relationships on the profile landing page
  • Fixed an issue with portal menu restrictions for profiles with no menu items allowed to display
  • Restricted Receives Communication and Billing Contact fields in the new portal to follow configuration settings hiding/restricting those fields
  • Added the invoices of profiles related to Organization profiles to the new portal Online Bill Pay page
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