RESTORED: Interruptions accessing - 2/18/2022

1:38 PM EST:

Following our release last night, our engineers found a bug for which a hotfix was released, in order to resolve that issue as quickly as possible. Unfortunately as a result of releasing that hotfix immediately after the regular release, the browser module became inaccessible for some clients in some regions, due to some cached data that was not clearing out correctly. If you are still unable to access the browser version of MC Trade, please perform the following steps to regain immediate access: 
Please reach out to our support team if you follow these steps and are still unable to access the browser version of MC Trade. 



12:48 PM EST: For clients currently unable to load, the following workaround can be used to regain immediate access:

  • Paste this URL into the browser address bar:
  • If you see "Loading" instead of a page full of code, refresh the browser tab. You should then see the page full of code.
  • Close the tab and open a new tab, and go to



We have identified that some regions are currently intermittently unable to access the browser version of MC Trade at Our engineers are troubleshooting the issue to resolve it as quickly as possible. As we have updates, this article will be updated. 

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