BETA Release Notes 22.22 - 11/29/2022

This article is intended for MC Trade customers who are part of the Forms Beta Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact or 

With our 22.22 software update, the following updates have been made to the new eCommerce Module:

Auto-create Profile Setting

We added a new Profile Creation setting on eCommerce Store Settings for Creating a new profile, which will create an Individual Profile for purchasers if they are not logged in as an existing profile. The invoice created for the purchase will also be linked to the new profile. Linking the existing purchase to an anonymous profile will not create a new profile and simply link the invoice to the anonymous profile on your database. To configure this setting, go to Admin > Global Settings, under Web Preferences > Ecommerce Store Settings.


Affiliation Code Profile Assignment

You can now add Affiliation Codes to an eCommerce Item which will be assigned to the profile making the purchase. If the purchaser is not logged in and you do not have your store configured to create new profiles (see above), this affiliation code will not be assigned. 



Web Content Downloads

If web content is assigned to an eCommerce item, the confirmation page will display a link to download the web content. This link will only be available on the confirmation page for the user in that session, and in the confirmation email that is sent. If you have added any further restrictions to the web content, the link will NOT be accessible unless the purchaser is logged in and meets the requirements of those restrictions, even if they have just purchased the item.

Email Confirmation

A standard confirmation email is now sent to the purchaser with every successful purchase. The email contains a link to the item purchased if applicable, as well as an invoice summary for the purchase. The email address in the eCommerce Admin Notification field (Global Codes > Email Address for Notifications) is also copied on this email. 

Option Type Pricing Calculation

You can now add Options to an eCommerce Item with a price associated with them. When the purchaser selects a certain option on the store, the price for the item and the option selected will automatically be calculated.


In addition to these features, we've added the following enhancements/fixes:

  • Enabled all restriction functionality throughout the Online store, hiding or displaying teaser messages for restricted items based on whether the purchaser is logged in, and whether they meet the requirements outlined in the item setup
  • Added a Clear Search button on the Online store to be able to clear any search that was previously run and go back to the Product List Page.
  • Fixed Typos on the eCommerce Module (Ecommerce Items, Ecommerce Codes and Ecommerce Store Settings)
  • Fixed a bug on Ecommerce Categories which wouldn't allow creation of a new Category without selecting a Parent Category
  • Fixed a bug because of which the online store was displaying Inactive items
  • Fixed a bug on the Online Store Search function which was not including the eCommerce Item Title 
  • Fixed a bug on the Online store where an invoice was only being created for profile that were NOT logged in and tax not being calculated on the payment page
  • Fixed a bug where the Image (Large Image URL) from the desktop eCommerce Item was not being pulled on to the Item Images on the browser
  • Corrected the layout on the Item Details and Cart Page on the Online Store

Our engineering team is hard at work on exciting new features, coming soon! If you are interested in being an early tester for the eCommerce Module, please contact Lauren Bashaw at or Vinay Tammala at

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