Release Notes 22.23 - 12/12/22: eCommerce Online Store

With the release 22.23 we are excited to announce the launch of the new eCommerce Module on the browser. With this launch we move all the back-end configuration settings to the browser, increase automation, and also improved the Online store to have a modern look and feel.

If you've never used the legacy eCommerce module (managed previously in the desktop), you can jump in and get started! You'll find all configuration settings to get your store set up available and ready to go in the browser - see below for details. 

If you have an active Online store that you currently manage in the desktop, you will need to choose the option to Launch your new Online Store, ensuring that the old store you currently have live is not affected by the switch. While you will NOT need to completely recreate the items in your old store (they'll show up in the new one!), there are some steps you'll want to review to make sure everything goes smoothly when you switch over to the new version. Here is the article which will provide more information on how: Guide to Launching the new Online Store.

Configuring eCommerce

Create/Edit eCommerce items that you want to sell on your Online Store. You can assign a Category, Add a Member and Non-Member Price,  add Images, Setup Options, Add Shipping Types, Link Documents to the Item, Restrict it to only Members or Profiles with an Affiliation Code, and also tag an Affiliation Code to the profile making the purchase.



You can also configure additional options (Ecommerce Codes) to tie to the eCommerce Items like Categories, Shipping Types, Item Types, Custom Fields and Options Types.



You can now customize your Online Store to include a Store Title and Subtitle, Promotional Text, a Header Image or a Background color. You can also set the store to create a New Profile from the purchase.Screen_Shot_2022-10-24_at_8.46.32_PM.png


New Online Store

The New Online Store is where visitors (Members or Guests) can purchase items. Visitors can browse items on the Store, run a search based on Category or Keyword if they are looking for a specific item, Add it to the Cart, and proceed to a Payment page which summarizes the selected items, Applied Tax and Shipping and complete a purchase


eCommerce Transactions

You also have a back office transactional view/reporting of all the purchases made on the Store. You can run a search based on Revenue Items, Item Type and Order Date. The grid on eCommerce Transactions will display information such as Amount of the Purchase, Invoice Number, Options Selected and more. You can also view the invoice and mark it as sent.


For early beta testers using the online store and providing feedback, check below for recent fixes and improvements completed with this release:

  • Added Options to the Invoice line Item description so that Options selected is displayed on the Invoice as well as the confirmation email


  • Fixed a bug where the Invoices generated for a purchase on the Online Store, where displaying the wrong Total Amount on the Invoice Selector grid
  • Fixed an issue where the Image uploaded on the eCommerce Item wasn't displaying on the Item Details and Payment Page
  • Added the Login button to the Cart and Payments Page on the Online Store
  • Fixed Global Shipping & Handling formula execution on the Online Store.
  • Added a ReCaptcha to the payment page on the Online Store.
  • Added a few guardrails like mandatory Shipping Type selection, for completing a purchase on the Online Store
  • Added a Clear image button on eCommerce Store Settings to clear the header image, to be able to add another one
  • Fixed a bug where the Category Search on the Online Store wasn't displaying any results
  • Fixed a few bugs on the eCommerce Item Setup like the non-functional 'x' button on the item Setup, Dialog box resizing when going through the tabs, Shipping type always displaying an empty one when creating an eCommerce Item and more
  • Improved user experience by making the "Shipping address same as billing" checkbox selected by default on the Payment Page
  • Made a few improvements on the eCommerce Transactions page like adding page numbers, fixing the line items display on the grid and adding a clear search button to the transactions page
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